The Dresdner Sinfoniker are preparing to realise their most spectacular vision yet to take place soon: they will turn a virtual experience into an audible reality. 2008 was already a year of making music history for the renowned orchestra: with their milestone ‘remote-conductor’ project they became the world’s first orchestra to overcome time and space between London and Dresden. And what's next? Within the bounds of an extraordinary musical event, they will unite analogue and virtual space from all parts of Germany and from all corners of Europe – live and in real time. Paris and Frankfurt, Prague and Cologne, London and Berlin will be merely milliseconds apart – a decisive point in the world of modern telecommunications. The challenge will be to bring together the strings, the wind and percussion instruments spread throughout all the different countries - at the same time and at one place, conducted remotely, live and in perfect sound quality. That is when milliseconds matter! What was once inconceivable, is now an incredible reality, for the very first time and with the help of modern technology. With teleComando, the Dresdner Sinfoniker achieve the perfect synthesis of the Arts and high-end technology.

The journey begins now and here:

Experience a High-tech Event

The newest technology in telecommunications and sound will form the basis of teleComando – developed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Carôt, Department of Computer Science at Anhalt University for Applied Sciences, and accompanied by the event systems specialists Neumann & Müller and the quality experts at zafaco GmbH. All of them are supporting the project as technological partners. In doing so, they are making their contribution towards the realisation of something which has never before been achieved in the world of orchestral music: highly complex data transmission as a live event. Up to this point, virtual music-making has been practised already, but the results could only be experienced offline. Here comes an absolutely new approach: Within the dimensions of a whole orchestra, this technology is breaking absolutely new ground - with musicians playing in completely different parts of the continent, but being seen and heard in real time and in one location.

Et voilà: Surrounded by 60 individual screens, conductor Michael Helmrath will lead the Dresdner Sinfoniker live and in front of an audience via monitor. Similarly the musicians - each in individual location across the whole of Germany and Europe - will respond to the directions of the conductor on screen. The large challenge is any time delay - and will be solved perfectly. It is vital that all data arrive at the central server at precisely the same time, so that this musical interplay becomes a perfect experience. Indeed, it is a complex task for the music itself: the Italian composer Andrea Molino will create a composition exclusively for teleComando which will correspond to both, the technological scope of the project likewise to the the high quality demands of the Dresdner Sinfoniker and their audience.

Partners of Excellence

Together and with combined efforts, our technical partners support the project with a highly complex data communication architecture and thus realize an exciting live event.

The work of Prof. Dr.-Ing Alexander Carôt ensures delay-free data transfer between servers in different countries and even continents - and at last consequence, between people. Neuman & Müller event systems is our specialist for professional event support service - from comprehensive planning to on-site execution. With eighteen branches in Germany and abroad, the service provider is highly experienced in conducting spectacular events of any size at any place. zafaco GmbH is highly experienced in the implementation of complex ICT structures and is supporting the project with its expertise in this field.

Crossing Borders through Culture

Today's world is globalized in many ways, and countries, institutions and individuals get more close to each other than ever before in history. There is nothing more powerful than culture, to deepen understanding between peoples and to raise the ambition to share their experience, their knowledge, and their creativity. It's for these and many other reasons, that teleComando wants to contribute to the exchange of ideas and emotions between artists and audiences throughout the world and to connect experts all over the planet. It's a true vision of communication in the best sense of the word. To make this vision come true, we not only aim to involve partners both from here and abroad into the project. We furthermore invite musicians from countries inside and outside Europe to join the performance. They all will be part of the first truly international virtual orchestra.

Because the exchange of culture matters. For a better world. Everywhere. At any time.
Become Part of the Vision

teleComando has already been able to find a great deal of support from industry, government and the general public. If you would like to support this project, please contact us! We can offer you individual and favourable media and sponsoring partnerships.

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